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  • Remind yourself of your successes

    Value in life is often tightly coupled to your personal goals and the journey towards them. When you finally reach a goal the feeling of joy and success is often momentary and drifts away from your memory before you know it, which is a shame because of...

    17. november 2015
  • Kanbana 2014

    This time of year I usually find myself evaluating how the year has been. This also applies to Kanbana where I’ve been spending some time reading App Store reviews. I’ve gathered some of my favorite reviews later the post, but to sum it up this sentime...

    30. december 2014
  • Kanbana for iPhone

    Back in October 2014 i finally released Kanbana for iPhone. It took me almost eight months of spare time development but according to the feedback so far I believe it was worth the effort. Where the iPad app is about seeing the bigger picture of what’s...

    13. december 2014